April 2023 Chair Update

Fellow CDSers, it is that time of the year again when we seek your advice and guidance in nominating fellow members to join the leadership team and guide the organization into a new year.

Democracies thrive with good leadership, and we have only to look around the world to see the impact of leaders more interested in power than in serving their people. Nominating and electing our leaders matters to the future of the organization. I invite you to take a moment and reflect on what you look for in a good leader. How much does history with the organization matter to you when you consider how leaders can help us shape and implement a vibrant future? How important are new voices as we envision that future and work together to make for ourselves a strong and vibrant organization? When you consider future board members and officers, how much does their experience in leading and managing matter to you? How do we think about the role their values and beliefs about the role of community development play in shaping the future of communities, organizations, and countries? To what extent can we look at their commitment to CD work to better understand their potential to lead toward a vibrant future for all CDSers? 

We are blessed to have strong, capable, and effective members, among them, who has the time to make a commitment to lead our organization? What do we look for in making choices about who will lead us into the future and In matching potential leaders and their skills and knowledge to the specific challenges and opportunities that lay ahead? The decisions to guide us forward are before us; I urge you to think carefully as you consider who you would like to see among our future leaders and consider your own role in our future.

Be watching your email as election ballots will be coming soon. In the meantime, if you have any quesiotns, you can email me at chair@cdsociety.org.

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