Past Conference Archive

The featured event of CDS Programs is the Annual Conference. It is hosted at a different location each year, beginning with 1969 in Columbia, Missouri. Below, please find all past years, locations, and conference themes.


2022 Virtual – The Future of Community Development: The Field and the Society [view conference proceedings]

2021 North Dakota – Global Challenges, Local Resilience

2020 North Dakota – Cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

2019 Columbia, Missouri – 50th Anniversary Celebration

2018 Detroit, Michigan – Renaissance of Community

2017 Big Sky, Montana – Bold Partnerships: Moving Mountains Together

2016 Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota – Sustaining Community Change; Building Local Capacity to Sustain Community Development Initiatives

2015 Lexington, Kentucky – Creativity and Culture: Community Development Approaches for Strengthening Health, Environment, Economic Vibrancy, Social Justice and Democracy

2014 Dubuque, Iowa – Renaissance: From Vision to Action

2013 Charleston, South Carolina – Beyond the Boundaries: Creating Innovation Through Regional Collaboration

2012 Cincinnati, Ohio – Celebrating Community:  Sustaining Community Through Innovation and Entrepreneurship

2011 Boise, Idaho – Innovative & Creative Strategies for Constructive Community Change

2010 New Orleans, Louisiana – The Role of Community Development in Economic and Disaster Recovery

2009 Memphis, Tennessee – Celebrating Community: Finding Hope in Uncertain Time

2008 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada – Conversation, Collaboration, and Democracy: Creative Community Engagement

2007 Appleton, Wisconsin – The Magic of Community:  History, Change, and Regional Development

2006 St. Louis, Missouri – Communities That Click: Individuals, Families, and Organizations Working Together

2005 Baltimore, Maryland – Linking Community Development Practice to Public Police

2004 Cleveland, Ohio – Chance or Choice? The Urban Rural Futures

2003 Ithaca, New York – Community As Place

2002 Cleveland, Mississippi – Building Peace: Community and Diversity

2001 Duluth, Minnesota – The Times They Are A-Changing: Working Partnerships for Viable Communities

2000 St. John, New Brunswick, Canada – Rising Tide: Community Development for a Changing World

1999 Spokane, Washington – Community Building: Weaving the Fabric of Resilient Communities

1998 Kansas City, Missouri – Sustainability & Community: Critical Connections

1997 Athens, Georgia – Reflections & Visions on the Learning Community

1996 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – Windows on the World

1995 Fayetteville, Arkansas – A Vision of Justice Through the Globe of Villages

1994 Lincoln, Nebraska – Yesterday’s Dream, Tomorrow’s Design

1993 Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Rededicating Ourselves to Community

1992 Charleston, South Carolina – Communities in TransitionDiversity & Equality: Voices & Action

1991 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada – Developing Sustainable Communities: Local Empowerment for a Global Environment                        

1990 Little Rock, Arkansas – Community Development: Building Bridges for the 21st Century

1989 St. Louis, Missouri – Community Development’s Heritage and Horizons

1988 Davenport, Iowa – Community Development: Today’s Challenge, Tomorrow’s Vision

1987 Morgantown, West Virginia – Community Development: Responses to Emerging Realities

1986 Carbondale, Illinois – Capturing Community Initiative: Issues, Needs, Challenges

1985 Logan, Utah – Community Development: Creating Our Future

1984 Clarksville, Indiana – Community Development: What Works!

1983 Guelph, Ontario, Canada – Strategies and Implications for Community Development in a Period of Great Change

1982 Madison, Wisconsin – Creating Better Communities: Putting Theory Into Practice

1981 Hershey, Pennsylvania – Community Development Issues and Responsibilities

1980 Arcata, California – Cherishing the Past; Choosing the Future

1979 Kansas City, Missouri – Developing Support Through Participation

1978 Blacksburg, Virginia – Community Development: Making a Difference

1977 Hot Springs, Arkansas – Advocating Excellence in Community Development

1976 Boise, Idaho – Together: Let’s Put It Altogether

1975 East Lansing, Michigan – Current External Impact on Communities: Creative Responses

1974 Wilmington, North Carolina – Two Societies in Transition

1973 Vail, Colorado – The Power of Partnership in Community Development

1972 Columbus, Ohio – Community Development: For Quality Living

1971 Stillwater, Oklahoma – Community Development: Change, Commitment, Action

1970 Athens, Georgia – Developing a Sense of Community

1969 Columbia, Missouri – Community Development Issues

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