We Need Your Support for 2023 Conference

The 2023 Conference (Portland, Oregon) working groups are getting ready to convene! The preliminary theme is ‘Hood and Holler: Similarities and Differences in Urban and Rural Community Development. This meets the interests of our two conference co-hosts, Portland State University and Oregon State University.

The Host working group will focus on local issues like identifying mobile workshops, choosing the community reception location, recruiting local sponsors, coordinating event volunteers, and sorting out transportation logistics (transit preferred). The conference center, hotel, and food and beverage arrangements have already been completed.

The Program working group will focus on fleshing out the theme and tracks, developing and distributing the call for proposals, reviewing and selecting submissions, and arranging the conference schedule within the facility space. I will liaise and coordinate the two working groups with some support from CDS staff.

We need more Members to join the teams, because many hands make light work! My approach is to minimize full group meetings and maximize defined task delegation and empowerment with appropriate accountability–let’s focus on getting the work done! Please get in touch soon so I can include you in the first convening!!

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