IACD conference WCDC2022

The 2022 Virtual World Community Development Conference will take place next week: October 3-5. It is being co-organized by the International Association for Community Development and the Inclusive Practices Network whose headquarters are in the country of Georgia. 

As communities across the world emerge from the global covid pandemic, the need for human connection, contact and empathy has never been as high as now. Humanity as a whole has been faced with incredible hardship, sorrow and loss. As the world continues to struggle with the consequences of the invasion of Ukraine and conflicts in other parts of the world, with the social and economic impacts of the pandemic, the financial recession and cost of living crisis, it is the most vulnerable and disadvantaged who have been effected most in all countries, exposing yet again the consequences of years of inequality and discrimination. Over the past three years, community development practice has had to innovate and, with limited resources, explored ways of bringing people together to face those challenges. Read more and learn about the conference at https://wcdc2022.online/!