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Student Chapter(s) Updates

A new student CDS chapter is being launched at the University of Kentucky Department of Community and Leadership Development in 2023. Approximately, $8,700 has been allotted to this new chapter from an internal UK endowment fund. The program has undergraduate and graduate students and is aligned with CDS’ 2023 goal of initiating student chapters alongside partnering universities in 2023. The idea to create student chapters with CDS came through discussions at CDS’ 2022 Conference. The goal of the chapter is to provide stronger undergraduate and graduate student interaction in the Department and to build communication with other students and professors outside UK who are engaged in community development.

The UK Student Chapter will work with our overall CDS Student Chapter, which has a very similar mission: to create a space for communication and collaboration with, between, and for students to increase involvement, build opportunities, and support professional development through community and connections. Our vision for the CDS student chapters is to put love of community in action through specific strategies that will build mutual respect, responsibility, reciprocity, reverence, and relevance for all of us involved in community development.

UK students will develop a chapter mission statement, goals and outcomes for 2023.  They will also host 3 webinars to explore topics of mutual interests with other community development students and educators in North America and beyond.  Four UK students will be chosen by their peers to be part of a panel presentation at the July 16-19, 2023 Community Development Society international conference in Portland, Oregon.  It is anticipated that the UK student chapter will develop a clear sense of direction and purpose in 2023 that will lead to sustainable initiatives in the years ahead.  Facilitators for the new chapter include CDS members and Kentucky professors, Ron Hustedde, Dan Kahl and Nicole Breazeale.  They are eager to build student and faculty relationships with other community development degree programs and to cooperate with the CDS student chapter initiatives.

If you are interested in starting something similar, or getting involved in the overall CDS Student Chapter, please reach out to Vice Chair of Operations Steve Jeanetta at