December 2022 Chair’s Update

As we come to the close of yet another year and reflect back on our opportunities and challenges, we see the ongoing impact of global events and trends in our daily lives from COVID and related viruses, wars and famine, the spread of conspiracies and hate, to extreme weather events. Yet, we can also find amazing new approaches to address these challenges as CDS Members work with their communities to make for themselves a better future for all.

Amidst these challenges, IACD worked with a variety of groups to put on a terrific conference that held up the many examples of people all over the world coming together to create positive change in their communities and also highlighted work to address the suffering in Ukraine. Our own conference, while on a smaller scale, also brought together both our many friends and colleagues as well new faces and new perspectives to reflect on the value CDS has brought to the field and to our own personal and professional lives as well as share ideas about how these challenges are creating new approaches and knowledge in our field. We plan to offer opportunities to build on that work over the coming year. These challenges and the emerging new opportunities to work together to address them offer unique opportunities for innovation within the field and with CDS.

As you reflect on the learning from this past year: what innovations have these new situations and challenges created, what you are doing differently and why, and what new partners and possibilities have opened new pathways? Consider submitting a proposal to share your learning and new ideas at our conference in Portland. As you reflect on how CDS has contributed to your professional journey and the opportunity to share your learning with others, we invite you to support CDS by making a charitable contribution to Be a Light as CDS moves into its 53rd year of supporting those who work in the CD field.

Mary Emery
Chair, CDS Board of Directors

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