June 2022 Chair’s Update

Gratitude is a consistent theme that emerges as I write this column. As chair of the CDS Board of Directors, I continue to be amazed at the resilience and creative impact of our treasured Community Development Society during these tumultuous times. 

First, I’m grateful to Anthony Cook, our secretary, and the CDS nominations committee members who found highly qualified candidates to run for the 2022-2023 board of directors and for the strong member turn out for voting. This new board will build on our current board’s thrust towards growth and sustainability.

Second, I’m delighted that our Stewardship Committee has worked with our treasurer, Bo Beaulieu, and the CDS board of directors to launch a CDS Legacy Investment Campaign. It is a targeted effort to raise $50,000 to enhance the impact and value of our shared work for current and future members. It will help us to develop a bold website that reflects our values and for an executive director.

Third, I’m looking forward to our July 17-20, 2022 CDS Virtual Conference that Mary Emery and the program committee are organizing. I find it energizing and one of the yearly highlights because of familiar and well-loved faces and the new people who offer fresh perspectives about our field.    

Fourth, I’m grateful to the various membership and engagement committees and networks with which Margaret Stout, our Vice Chair of Operations, and Celina Tchida, our Interim Administrator and board member are involved in. They challenge us towards new horizons.  

As our CDS vision expands, there is so much to do. We need more volunteers to reach our potential. Feel free to contact me or other officers about your interests.

Ron Hustedde
Chair, CDS Board of Directors
Professor, University of Kentucky Community & Leadership Development Dept.
Email: chair@CDSociety.org

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