CDS 2022 Election Results

The CDS voting period ended on May 31. Congratulations to our incoming Directors and Officers, many thanks to everyone who ran, and thanks to Members who participated in the election! Those elected will begin their term at the CDS Annual Meeting held during the virtual CDS conference this July. Please see the results of the election below with further information about our incoming Directors and Officers.


Directors serve three-year terms. There are a total of six Directors, who, along with 5 officers, are charged with fiduciary responsibility for the organization and responsiveness to the Membership. The main duties of Board Directors include participating in teleconference Board meetings (as often as monthly) and active participation on committees and working groups.

This year, Members elected TWO board directors.

James Calvin

James Calvin has 25+ years of experience as a community development scholar-researcher and practitioner. He brings skills around facilitation, community assessment, community leadership development, and community business/entrepreneurship. He has more than 10 years of Board service experience with IACD and has participated in ad hoc committees for CDS. His vision for CDS includes continued investment in the annual conference, the Community Development journal, and membership diversity. Click here to view his complete answers to election questions.

James Calvin’s headshot
Neil Linscheid’s headshot

Neil Linscheid

During Neil Linscheid’s 10+ years as a CDS Member, he has served on several working groups and committees. He is confident in finding consensus and making progress among diverse perspectives and would take an active role as a board member. His vision for CDS includes building a sense of community among Members, enhancing the value CDS brings to Members, and expanding both partnerships and membership. Click here to view his complete answers to election questions.


The Secretary serves a three-year term and can serve up to 2 consecutive terms. The main duties of Secretary include: documenting and managing the minutes of all official CDS meetings; overseeing and certifying notices, reports, and corporate records; and overseeing the Nominations Committee.

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Lisa Gilchrist

Lisa Gilchrist brings 20+ years of strategic planning, change management, and collaboration/partnership development. She brings both a system-level perspective as well as attention to detail. She is deeply committed to transparency and accountability to Members and will bring this to her work as Secretary as she has in the past as volunteer Vanguard editor, chair of the communication and engagement working group, and CDS board director. Her vision for CDS includes establishing a consistent administrative leadership position to support this primarily volunteer-run association, enhancing interaction among members to fully realize the strength of the Society’s diverse membership, and partnership development. Click here to view her complete answers to election questions.


The Treasurer serves a three-year term and can serve up to 2 consecutive terms. The main duties of the Treasurer include: preparing and presenting financial reports to the Board; preparing financial policies and procedures as well as banking, investment, and financial management recommendations; overseeing the management of funds; and overseeing external financial audits.

Lionel “Bo” Beaulieu

Bo Beaulieu has 20+ years of administrative and leadership experience which he has brought to CDS as president, VP of Programs and VP of Operations. Most recently, Bo was appointed and has been serving as CDS Treasurer for several months now and has made significant strides strengthening the fiscal health of the Society. His vision for CDS includes rebounding financially, rejoining in-person gatherings, expanding membership, building new leadership, and continued commitment to our journals. Click here to view his complete answers to election questions.

Lionel “Bo” Beaulieu’s headshot

Vice Chair of Operations

The person elected to serve as Vice Chair of Operations commits to serving CDS for three years, but performs three roles in succession. They serve as VC Operations for one year. In year 2, they serve as the VC Programs, and in year 3, they serve as the Chair of the Board of Directors. The main duties of the Vice Chair of Operations include: chairing the Membership committee; liaising between all Committees and the Board of Directors; and serving as liaison between the Board and any paid administrative positions such as an Executive Director.

Stephen Jeanetta’s headshot

Stephen Jeanetta

CDS has been the professional home for Stephen Jeanetta for nearly 30 years. During that time, he has served on several committees, and on the board as secretary and treasurer. He also brings experience in nonprofit organizational management and leadership development. His vision for CDS includes building a larger and more diversity membership and serving as an anchor for the field through updated Principles of Good Practice. Click here to view his complete answers to election questions.

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