March 2023 Chair Update

Plans are moving ahead for our gathering in Portland this summer. As our first face-to-face meeting since 2019, this conference will have special meaning for the Society.

Much has happened over the past four years; among other things, our Post COVID world resulted in an increased interest in and attention to Community Development and our potential to shape that interest.

 Beginning in 2019, we have challenged ourselves to address these changes as we work to strengthen the Society and the field. In reviewing our work together, we find two dominant themes:  how can CDSers work together to strengthen the efforts in the field and how do we strengthen and grow our Society. 

In focusing on these themes, we also have worked to revise and update our Principles of Good Practice. We want your input on these important questions and your help in designing creative ways to engage members in designing effective strategies to make the Society work for you at the same time we find ways to share new learning from the field on new approaches to understanding and doing community development work.

Many members contributed to our discussions over the past four years on the future of the Society and the Field; today we invite those for whom the Society has been beacon and those with a passion for the field to join us in planning ways to engage members in identifying strategies and action steps going forward. If you are interested in helping, please email me at

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