March 2022 Chair’s Update

Our field of community development continues to expand. We’ve seen the emergence of over a hundred U.S. and Canadian university degree programs with community development majors, minors, or certificates. There have been similar degree programs launched across the globe along with new community development thrusts in government, nonprofits, and socially conscious enterprises.

I’m delighted that CDS is poising itself for greater impact. In addition to the many updates from our Vice Chair of Programs Mary Emery and Vice Chair of Operations, Margaret Stout, our treasurer, Bo Beaulieu, and other CDS members are addressing the Society’s difficult financial issues. Anthony Cook, our secretary, and Celina Tchida, Mark Brennan, Paul Lachapelle and Jane Leonard are seeking nominations for 5 CDS board vacancies this month. I hope you will consider nominating yourself or others. Our research publications are guided by practical and visionary editors, Craig Talmage, Rhonda Phillips, and Norm Walzer. I’m also delighted that our board members and other members are actively involved in committees and raise tough questions that we need to explore. There is a sense of caring and love for our field and the Society. I’ve only touched on some of the highlights. I wish I had more space to add the names of other actively involved people and bold actions that are laying the groundwork for CDS growth. Please contact me or others as we seek new ways for you to become more involved.

Ron Hustedde
Chair, CDS Board of Directors
Professor, University of Kentucky Community & Leadership Development Dept.

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