January 2023 Chair’s Update

As I write this greeting on our national holiday commemorating Martin Luther King’s birthday, I am reminded of the work our members do and have done helping communities and organizations find a path toward healing. The forces of hate remain strong in our country and around the world, and our need to work together to find solutions grows. Our Principles of Good Practice provide an important frame for engaging in the work of healing. Under revision yet again, they will continue to guide us as we seek pathways for positive change in this uncertain world. The Portland Conference will provide a great opportunity for members to revisit and recommit to these fundamental principles of how we do our work together.
I am looking forward to seeing you all in Portland, our first chance to be back together in person in quite a while. The deadline for proposals is the 31st, and for myself, I am anxious to once again connect with colleagues in person, and to learn how our members are working to help people make for themselves a better and more just future in the face of such implacable global forces as climate change, pandemics, and the continuing rise of hate-fueled ideologies.

Mary Emery
Chair, CDS Board of Directors
Email: chair@CDSociety.org

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