CDS Board Begins Ambassador Program

The Community Development Society board recently authorized the creation of a CDS Ambassador program at its March meeting.  This new member service of the society will work under the auspices of the CDS Membership Committee.
“This new Ambassador program will serve as an outreach resource for the society to promote acceptance and belonging and value to all CDS members, whether new or returning,” said Mary Emery, CDS Chair.  “We hope Ambassadors will assist in strengthening our relationship with members while obtaining information that will strengthen CDS,” she added.
Toward this end, Steve Jeanetta, Membership Committee chair and vice chair for CDS operations, suggested that “Ambassadors can provide a friendly check-in with new members offering more detailed introduction and guidance or support to a new member in exploring and accessing information about CDS and possibly the broader field of Community Development, as well.  In the future, we’d also like to reach out to lapsed members and determine, if possible, why a member has lapsed and encourage suggestions on how CDS might create changes that will better serve all CDS members.”
An Ambassador Program development team comprised of Anne Silvis, Neil Linscheid, Rick Orton, and Zach Wood has begun contacting members via email and Zoom conversations who joined as part of the 2022 conference registration process.
Plans are to recruit and train additional Ambassadors as this new program matures. If you have an interest in being a part of the Ambassador program please contact a member of the ambassador team or CDS at

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