Presented to a CDS member in recognition of a significant stream of superior research which exemplifies and positively impacts community development practice and represents a lasting contribution to the field. The award will recognize research which reflects the Principles of Good Practice throughout the research process. Nominations should focus on highlighting exceptional current research. Only one Outstanding Research Award is bestowed by the Society each year. Self-nominations are not accepted.


  • Must be a member of CDS during the year of award nomination and presentation
  • Overview and description of research output
  • Demonstrates how the research is meaningful to community development practice
  • Demonstrates of a sound research methodology used in the research output)
  • Demonstrates of how research adheres to the CDS Principles of Good Practice

Past Recipients:

  • 2023 Craig Carpenter
  • 2019 James Calvin
  • 2016 David Campbell
  • 2015 Ted Alter
  • 2011 Ted Lyons
  • 2010 John Green
  • 2009 Deborah Markley
  • 2006 Norman Walzer
  • 2005 Cornelia Butler Flora
  • 2002 Edward J. Blakely
  • 2001 Ronald Shaffer

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