November 2022 Chair’s Update

Last month I wrote about the time management challenges created by the collision of the post-covid zoom world with so-called back to normal, and several of you emailed me to confirm that this is a serious issue. As I was driving across Nebraska this week, Omaha Public Radio broadcasted a program focused on finding ways to deal with this. One quick tip was, if you can’t go to water, have some pictures of water to look at and think about the beauty in our world.

The speaker also mentioned the importance of taking time for reflection. As we learn from our work together in supporting successful positive community change, we have come to recognize how important reflexivity is to deepening our understanding and our practice. Take time to breathe deeply and clear our minds in order to reflect together. This can help us capture important insights and also relieve the tension of juggling too many things on our plate.

I have also taken some time to reflect on my own experience with CDS, and how new ideas, great colleagues, and thoughtful questions have helped me grow in my work and in my personal life. As we enter the holiday season and reflect on what we are thankful for and how we can give back, take some time to reflect on your own journey with CDS and how your participation has added value to your work and your life.

Mary Emery
Chair, CDS Board of Directors

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