Conference Brewer

Zoiglhaus Brewing Company

Portland, Oregon is one of the world’s great beer brewing cities. A community of excellent breweries has been growing over the last three decades, spearheaded by a number of talented and adventurous brewers who have created an important economic driver in the region. Southeast Portland is home to many of them, bolstered by the neighborhood spirit of the city and the beer-savvy drinkers in the area. 

One of them, Zoiglhaus, was established in 2015 and is housed in a space owned by the Portland Development Commission. It’s named for zoigl, a bottom-fermentation tradition in eastern Bavaria, where communal tables in brewhouses abound. As they say, “Zoigl is inherently about supporting and celebrating with community.” 

We are pleased to choose Zoiglhaus Brewing Company as the 2023 CDS Conference Brewer. We invite you to enjoy some of their brews during our receptions and Awards Banquet!

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